Which is Safer Silicone or Plastic?

Silicone products are becoming an idol for household appliances. Silicone has many advantages for health and the environment. And products with silicone material are considered better than those made of plastic, especially for household appliances.

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Here are the advantages of silicone you need to know:

1. Non-Toxic

it can be seen that plastic is made using toxic chemicals that not only harm the earth, but also human health. One of the ingredients is bisphenol A or known as BPA, scientists assess that plastic still has a toxic content. Meanwhile, silicon is made of silica which is a natural element of the earth that is found in sand, so silicon is considered non-toxic. and research also proves that until now there has been no negative impact of silicon on health.

2. Safe to Use Repeatedly

Silicone is designed to be reusable, unlike plastic which can only be used once when used to wrap food. the repeated use of plastic is not recommended due to the toxic substances present in the plastic. Although it can be used repeatedly, silicone is considered safer, due to the lack of harmful substances in silicone compared to plastic. In addition, silicone is durable, even when exposed to extreme temperature changes from hot to cold.

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However, it should also be noted that similar to plastic, silicone is a synthetic material that is not easily biodegradable. Although, it is not easy to decompose silicone is still considered an environmentally friendly material because silicone will not emit toxic substances when in the soil or landfill. Instead of plastic, silicone can make us feel safer for health and the environment, when using it.

We also need to know the characteristics of Good Silicone before buying it. Quality silicone is flexible when the silicone is kneaded it will return to its original shape, heat resistance up to 220 degrees Celsius, does not leave white spots or other colors after bending or twisting, and has no odor. One brand who is manufacturing from this material is silicone mold supplier

Have you decided to switch from plastic to silicone?

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