I'm Andayani Rhani someone behind the scenes of this little blog, usually called Anda. But Rhani is my special name from my lovely people.

Currently a student who learns Financial Analyst at a Campus in Semarang.

I love reading, writing, drawing, cooking, eating and traveling. I'm an animal lovers. I have raised several cute animals such as rabbits, goldfish, louhan fish, and guppy fish.

I was interested in the art world, especially in acting and literature. So, I joined Ganesha Theater and Journalist team to grow my talent. Actually, I really liked the world of writing since elementary school, but always stopped in the middle for several reasons.

Being an only child made me grow into a strong girl. Both of my parents never spoiled me. I was educated to try when I wanted something. Finally, In 2016 I build my online bussines at @andaccstoree and @gocustom.id

I'm a coffe and matcha addicted. I am known as a girl who is smart, creative, independent, friendly, diligent, confident, a good listener (this is why friends often confide in me), responsible and perfectionist. Besides that I also really like to speak in public.

Skin type : Oily - Sensitive 
Skin tone : Medium Light / Warm
Hair type : Straight - Long
Hair colour : Black
Makeup look : Natural

--------------About This Blog-------------
Andayani Rhani - has special meaning for me. It abouts my world and my personal experiences in life, food, beauty, hobbies also journey in net.

I started the blog in 2016 when I'm studying in senior high school. And then, this blog was hiatus for 3 years because my school activities. This blog doesn't just a pile of writing. There is a regarding the mission and purpose of life that I pursue.

Be useful for others.

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It abouts me, how about you?
Thanks for visiting my net side.