About Us

Andayani Rhani

Hello and welcome to my personal blog! I'm Anda an ENTP girl who love beauty, writing, and traveling. I'm an animal lovers and a coffe also matcha addicted. 

I was interested in the art world, especially in acting and literature. So, I joined Ganesha Theater and Journalist team to grow my talent.

My Beauty Profile

Skin type : Oily - Sensitive 
Skin tone : Medium Light / Warm
Hair type : Straight - Long
Hair colour : Black
Makeup look : Natural

-------------About This Blog------------
Andayanirhani.com - started in 2016 when I was studying in senior high school. With the purpose ; 
Be useful for others.

It is about my world and personal thought in TravelBeautyLove and Relationship. I really like to Review any products based my experience in this blog.

I also have any blog at Kalarenja.blogspot.com special place to my poem and studiloka.blogspot.com to my study archive.

Thanks for visiting my net side.

With love,
andayani rhani