Hello and welcome to my personal blog! Nice to meet you through here. Because it means you want to know more about me. Am I wrong? I do not think so :P

Andayani Rhani

My full name is Andayani Surani Putri. In Javanese it means a Bravest Queen. Cause too long, I prefer use Andayani Rhani for my name in all my social media acc. You can call me Anda. I’m an ENTP girl who love writing about beauty, lifestyle, and traveling

I freaking love writing since I was in elementary school. Because it can remembered me the memories that happened in my life. This blog started in 2016. I believe that every experience is worth to tell. So, I decide blog tagline’s is 
all thing about story.
The importance of self-love make me learn to care for anything God has given to me. I've bullied verbally because having an unattractive physical appearance and having a dark and dull face. Since then, I have learned to take care of myself and finally knew what I need by using various skincare products.

I want my life to be more meaningful by sharing my experiences and knowledge to the world. There are many products reviews (most skincare products) that I write on this blog. I hope my writing will be useful for you.

My Beauty Profile

 Oily to Sensitive Skin
Medium Light - Cool Skin Tone
Makeup look : Natural

I am interested in the art, especially in acting. So, I joined Ganesha Theater to grow my talent. I’ve dreamed of becoming an actress. LOL. But life isn't all about what we want, is it? I'm an animal lovers. I have 17 koki fishs. I also addicted to coffee and matcha.

My Activities

Currently I study at a college. I learn accounting, especially about financial analysts. Besides, I join in stocks and journalism organizations. So, don't be surprised if you find some finance or investing article here. I also work as a part-time private tutor.

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Thanks for visiting my net side.
With love,
andayani rhani

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