What to Wear With Jeans when You Have Minimalist Style

Ever since their humble founding in 1873, jeans have remained a staple item in billions of wardrobes around the globe. Regardless of social status, income level, or style, jeans seem to fit into the lives of everyone. 

Since the first pair of jeans was stitched up, a variety of fashion trends have come and gone, but jeans have managed to find their place throughout. 

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Minimalist Style with Jeans
In 2022, one of the most popular fashion trends is minimalism. If you have a minimalist style and you’re looking for new ways to style your denim, you’re in luck.

Today, we’re going to briefly discuss how to incorporate your jeans into a minimalist look and where you can find boutique women’s clothing wholesale to add to your closet.

What is minimalist style?

A minimalist style is an individualistic approach to dressing yourself in items that bring joy, while ridding your closet of unnecessary clothing that does not make you happy. The key to a minimalist style is finding a limited amount of clothing that pairs well with a variety of outfits. 

Even though this look varies from person to person, certain staples are almost guaranteed to be in any minimalist’s wardrobe. If you already have your favorite pair of jeans, you’ve got a great start!

Minimalist tops to pair with jeans

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Simple Top with Jeans
The best minimalist tops to pair with jeans are simple and understated. A lot of times, people opt to go with neutral colors to complement blue jeans. 

If you have dyed denim jeans, you may opt for a top that matches the color of your jeans for a minimalist monochrome look. If the weather is cold where you are, look for chunky knit neutral sweaters. If the weather is warm, check out some cropped basic tees. 

Minimalist accessories to pair with jeans

Remember, the key to minimalism is being able to do a lot with a limited number of high-quality, well-loved items. When you choose accessories that correspond with your minimalist style, choose jewelry, purses, and hair accessories that are neutrally colored such as white, black, nude, brown, or grey. These colors tend to pair well with many different outfits.

Minimalist shoes to pair with jeans

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Shoes and Jeans
As you can probably imagine, neutral-colored, understated shoes are among the most popular minimalist shoes to be paired with jeans. Take a look at neutral slides, sandals, and simple tennis shoes that will complement many outfits. The more use you can get out of them the better, so make sure to seek out the highest quality items with the most versatility.


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