Special Gift for New Mom with Product from Loverbeauty

best gift for new mom
Special Gift for New Mom
Holla guys! Giving birth is an unforgettable moment for all couples in the world, especially for women. All family members, friends, and people around you will rejoice your baby. One of the ingrained cultures in Indonesia is visiting families who have just given birth. 

Moveover, people also gave them special gifts for both mother and baby. The people like me who have not done given birth and have no experience, often confuse about that. 
What is the best gift to give for them?

There are many selection of useful items that I can give. Such as baby carrier and clothes, baby eating utensils, pumping essentials for breastfeeding, or guidebook for new mom. But, that's too mainstream. 
What if someone else gave it too?


Finally, my confusion was answered when I found the Loverbeauty website. It is the brand business that focus for fashion women's clothing. Loverbeauty website was  born on 24th of November 2014. There are short, bodysuit, leggings, thigh trimmer, and other products that you can try.

a Waist Trainer

Either product that caught my eye is a waist trainer for women. A waist trainer is an elastic undergarment band worn around the midriff that made from a thick elastic fabric and latex with laces, velcro, or hooks. Simply, it's a modern version of the corset.

loverbeauty waist trainer
Double Belts Tummy Control Zipper Adjustable Waist Trainer
Using latex material makes waist trainer products more durable. The soothing and elastic material also make it very comfortable to use. It will be very helpful for women. 

Benefits of Wearing a Waist Trainer

After a woman gives birth, changes in the body is normally. But sometimes, that reason makes women feel uncomfortable, insecure, and anxious. Despite many pros and cons, wearing a Waist Trainer can give some benefits. For examples, it makes sleeker and smaller waist to increase self-confidence.

big size latex waist trainer loverbeauty
Plus Size Latex Waist Cincher 7 Steel Bones Fajas 3 Rows Hook Latex Shaper
It can create an ideal body look with casual but elegant look when it combine with various types of shirts or blouses. Beside, using a waist trainer also motivate and increase body positivity new mom to regain their original body shape.

This is very must-have product for every woman, even after giving birth. They can wear it under their pretty dress at the party to get perfect look.

I really love their concept because Loverbeauty believe that fashion should be available for everyone. No matter what shape, size, or age they are. Their mission is to drive self-love, self-acceptance, and body positivity to help women feel confident about their bodies and embrace their curves.

loverbeauty bodyshort shapewear large
Loverbeauty Adjustable Crotch Hooks Tight Bodyshort Shapewear
Loverbeauty also provides many choices. They have plus size waist trainer for women. So, There is no reason to feel not confident again. Let's get special gift for someone around you! After knowing what and the benefits of a waist trainer. Are you interested to try? Let's tell me in the comments!

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