Nightmare on The Final Night of The School Ambassador

Be a princess from The best Empire is a dream for majority of girls, included me. Lifeing with a beautiful dress. Having a kind and completed family. Everything that we need is always there. Oupss, it's life in a Fairyland.

When I was a child, each person asked me,

"What will you be?".

And then I answered with high confidence,

 "I will be a princess or the main character in my life, finding a kind Prince and then we fall in love."

But in fact, life is more weight than world. And sometimes, life is more painful than pain itself.

The more I mature, it faced me with a more choice, challenge, pain and love.

Fortunately, my dream became true. In last year, I won and was The School Ambassador.

One thing you should know that this dream didn't easy to reach. I had to do a written test, talent appeatance, and an interview in public.

I wore a beautiful drees, radiant accessories, and five centimeter high heel shoes. Although the spotlight and large stage made me nervous. I tried to be professional and enjoying every step.

Everything felt beautiful that night before a nightmare came.

Doc. Jourasik 2018

After the award event was end. I look our last message from my phonescreen. I sent a message for him since I was makeuping and still unread.

"What's wrong?
Am I not beautiful tonight? Did I embarrass him?" I asked myself with teary eyes.

And one thing that made me hurt so much was, he still online but didn't reply to my messages.
Sam Smith said : it's sad but it's true :')

On that night, I sat like a human who lost his life. Hoping for an impossibility that never come true. I just can prayed and asked my Lord,

"Even though I only asked for a taking photo together, why is it so impossible like a star who wants the sky in the daytime?

I hope, whatever will happen today, is the best answer for tomorrow."

Five minutes, thirty minutes, one hours, and till  the event ended, everything never happened. Stupidly, I was waiting for him.

When I was leaving with a hollow step, someone held me back. My best friend asked me to take picture together.

However, when we were preparing to take photos. A man passed in front of me. I immediately pulled and asked him to take a photo together. Only twice, before he said,

"I want to go home, hurry up."

I innocently said, "Oh yes, thanks."

At that time I felt to be the happiest girl in the world. God answered my prayer faster than I thought.

But, that night's story wasn't over.  There was a story on the next page that I must go through.

At 11 pm. My best friend was surprised when I told that I took a picture with him.

She told me that she watched him go with another girl.

Spectacular plot twist who I never had before. This is the worst memory that I will never be forgotten. And It reasons why i never love again (till now).

I won on stage but I couldn't win his heart. Hahahaha....

And now,  I relized the reason why become adult fast is the biggest mistake in childhood ; Broken heart is more complicated than girls' minds.

From that night I learned that life is only time between the coming and leaving. Every loss is a way to find someone else.

Dear readers, i suggest you to try loveing yourself before loving others. Because, when the person you love hurts you, you still have love for yourself :)

Thanks for reading my personal story.

With love,
andayani rhani


6 Komentar

  1. the last sentence : Because, when the person you love hurts you, you still have love for yourself :)
    Nice story. Keep writing!

    1. Thanks for visited my blog mbak Dewi. Semoga bermanfaat ya ^o^

  2. sukak dengan kalimat-kalimatnya, serasa baca novel bahasa inggris,, tp anehnya aku yang gak terlalu jago bahasa inggris tetap ngerti loh arti kalimatnya apa,, hehehe
    Me too.. when i was a child my dream is become a beautiful princess heheh

    1. Wahh ternyata kita sama mbak, saya juga masih belajar bahasa Inggris kok jadi pemilihan katanya ya itu-itu saja dan Thanks for visited my blog. ^o^

  3. in the end i would say that, "at least i have me. even when someone come and goes by too fast, i dont care, because i have me."

    1. Right, kenyataanya hal-hal yang menyakiti terkadang justru berasal dari orang yang kita cintai :))


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